Performance Driven Marketing

LBD2C’s highly responsive D2C formula uses machine learning and other tools to constantly measure, learn and adapt to ever-changing variables in the marketplace in order to optimize your media mix model.

Our advanced analytics platform powered by Impact® allows LBD2C to tear down traditional data silos to reveal the contribution and value of each customer touchpoint on the path to purchase. This allows LBD2C the opportunity to see real-time consumer behavior and activity in a way that’s media agnostic while creating an accountable ecosystem for growth.

Armed with this actionable marketing intelligence, our team goes to work leveraging our buying power and relationships across all channels to ensure maximum efficiency, engagement, and market share.

Impact and LifeBrands, D2C
LifeBrands, D2C

One System-of-Record

Our system consistently and seamlessly measures everything from your marketing key performance indicators to deep insights derived from a trustworthy cross-device analytics suite that tracks the customer journey from offline to online and vice versa, producing one Single System-of-Record.

The Customer Journey

Most analytics programs can identify when a customer arrived in the shopping cart. However, they can’t always tell you the journey they took to get there. LifeBrands D2C partnered with Impact® to create robust actionable marketing intelligence capable of tracking, cleansing and normalizing your chaotic, channel specific data into a single coherent system of record.

LifeBrands, D2C

Our Media Expertise is Comprised Of:

Advanced TV

Digital & Social



Home Shopping

Electronic Retailing

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