Advertising Should Build Customers Overnight
and Brands Over Time

LBD2C’s creative team works through a disciplined process to develop campaigns that are both highly responsive and highly branded, consistent with your voice and tone. Simultaneously, we drive revenue across all channels with consistent messaging and compelling offers that engage the consumer and cause them to take measurable action. We capture that data immediately and optimize campaigns based on consumer behavior.

Our tremendous track record of success comes from decades of experience and collaboration with some of the most talented minds and shops in the industry. Assembling the right creative team that understands your brand, the category, and how to tell your unique story has helped LBD2C create, launch and manage campaigns that have been so prolific and iconic, they’ve disrupted entire categories with their D2C Dominance. In short, we know what works and what doesn’t.

What Can LifeBrands D2C do for you?



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