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Tommy John The Best Underwear on the Planet

Founders Tom Patterson and Erin Fujimoto were tired of the pinching, bunching and wedgies associated with outdated underwear and decided to do something about it. They launched an amazing product line leveraging digital media and radio with great success until those mediums maxed potential, a common growth challenge for most digital-first brands.

Tommy John Underwear


How to scale the business and capitalize on TV to drive new business to the top of the funnel

National TV remains the most powerful driver on the planet. So, when Erin and Tom were ready to take the most comfortable underwear on the planet to the next level, they needed guidance on making the conversion and making it successful.


The Precision of Digital Meets the Power of Television

When you’ve been doing what we do for as long as we’ve done it, our solutions are a symphony of knowledge, instinct and creativity. That combination asks the question: Can we successfully transfer proven messaging from digital and audio to TV? Our original creative and messaging capitalized on what we learned from other mediums. Once we were able to prove the model for TV audiences, we pushed the envelope and collaborated on new creatives, messaging and positioning, which included working with actor/comedian and Tommy John® investor, Kevin Hart.

Benefit & Results

Successfully Transitioned the Brand to a National TV Audience

Through a keen understanding of how to test the medium and collaborating as a team on the D2C creatives, we were able to prove the concept and transition the Tommy John® brand, company culture and product offerings to an ever-increasing national television audience, and later to QVC and Amazon.

Expanding Market Share

With LBD2C’s experience and an awesome collaboration with the Tommy John® team, we successfully transitioned the brand to TV resulting in increased retail market share, acceptance by QVC, and the development and management of an Amazon store by LifeBrands Marketplace.

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